Almond kernels

In Iran, different almonds are planted and harvested, such as paper-skinned almonds, loving almonds, stone almonds, and midwifery almonds. In addition to its properties, it is also used in food industry and health products. It is delicious. Due to the high fat content in midwifery almonds, this new almond is used in the chemical and health industries, such as the production of soap and cosmetics, and… Midwifery almonds are used in food industry in powder or slices. Nuts are sold raw and raw. Most almonds are produced in Iran. In the Iranian market, these nuts are sold as nuts or with skin.

Properties of midwifery almonds

Also, the same fat in humans helps to treat osteoporosis and muscle strengthening, and the calcium in almond milk has strengthened children and adolescents at this age with this extract and nuts. Almonds and almond milk also strengthen the force. Youth and sexual power in men and women.