Golden Raisins

Golden raisins, which are specific to Iran, are always in high demand for export. This raisin turns yellow when the grapes are exposed to sulfur fumes. This product is made from seedless grapes of hair trees in the vineyards of Malayer city, which is usually harvested in late September. It is then tied in a substance called sharp water (potassium carbonate, Australian water and oil) to reduce the drying time and hung from the roof of the court (local subversion) away from sunlight and then for 7 to 8 hours in Sulfur incense is placed in SO2, which is the same as sulfur incense, which makes the grape skin thinner and thinner and takes on the color of golden amber with a sweet fruity flavor. Raisins enter the washing and packaging cycle in the next stage. This product is produced from the most popular grapes with special natural characteristics and special sugar levels. This feature exists only in the grape product of Malayer city and this city is the only producer of the best type of Iranian raisins.
Physical characteristics of golden raisins

Nutrition Information for Golden Raisins
Microbiological criteria of golden raisins