Root Saffron

The yellow or white parts are the saffron threads that are separated from the red threads. In fact, this part of saffron yarn can not be defined as pure saffron. It does not contain crocin dye, which gives food a golden color. It is mostly used for medicinal purposes or even when we only need perfume

Applications of saffron root Saffron root or saffron cream refers to the yellowish part at the end of the stigma, not the root inside the soil. The saffron stigma is red in color, which changes color to yellow as it gets closer to its flag. Each saffron plant consists of six purple petals, three yellow flags and three red or orange stigmas. The closer we get to the initial red part of saffron, the better the quality of the cultivated saffron and the higher the price. The red part of the stigma is the original and high quality saffron.

Properties and application of saffron root

Saffron stigma is often used in food and commercial industries due to the need for abundant color and aroma, but other components of saffron can also bring some of these properties and it seems quite cost-effective due to the much lower price. . Among these useful substances, we can mention the group of different vitamins such as B1, B2, B6 and C, and minerals such as calcium, iron and manganese in the root or saffron cream.

The main reason for the paleness or yellowing of the roots compared to the saffron stigma is the lack of crocin, which is the coloring agent of saffron. For this reason, the properties that are present in saffron due to the presence of the element crocin; Such as improving eye diseases, Alzheimer’s and memory enhancement as well as treating diabetes at the root are less and other stigma related properties such as improving mood and treating depression, eliminating bad breath, happy and relieving fatigue, improving skin, strengthening function Liver and heart named. This part of saffron is also used to strengthen the function of the stomach and bladder.

Saffron root or cream can be used in cases where you do not need the color of saffron and only its properties and flavor are important because this part can be much cheaper and more practical and used for therapeutic purposes.